Our rooms:

Ladybirds and hedgehogs (3 months - 2 years)

The ladybirds and hedgehogs have their own bright and airy craft room and
classroom with varied resources to explore.

A designated sleep cabin ensures a home from home environment where babies
can rest peacefully.

The ladybirds and hedgehogs classroom leads out to their own enclosed garden
which allows them to develop their physical skills in a safe environment.


Bunnies (2 years - 3 years)
The bunnies have access to two bright and airy classrooms and a well
resourced craft room.

A designated sleep room ensures that these active little learners are able to rest and recharge their energy levels!

The classrooms lead out to a large garden area with ample open space to run, hide and explore in a safe environment.

Squirrels and Owls (3 years - 5 years)

Two stimulating classrooms enable our squirrels and owls a comfortable and
enjoyable learning experience.

The layout of the classrooms and large adjoining craft room means that the
children learn through their play in a 'school type' environment, with both
child led and adult led activities.

The Squirrels and Owls have a large outdoor area to allow them to safely
risk take and develop their physical and independence skills.

To reserve a place for children, call us today on 
 023 9226 5151
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